How Do I Clone Web Applications in Softaculous?

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I'm trying to clone a WordPress installation using the Softaculous clone feature. However it seems to stop at 95%

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Nothing under All Installation in Softaculous

I'm trying to set up a staging site and clone my Wordpress site. I went to Softaculous Apps Installer in the C panel but don't see any thing when I click All Installations

Arnel C
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Hello Andrea,

Sorry for the problem with finding your installation information under Softaculous.  Installation tracking and management can be done through Softaculous when the installation is performed through the application, or if it was imported into that system. If you're not seeing anything, then you're either in a different account, or in a system where the information is no longer there.  We can't troubleshoot the issue without further information about your domain, but we would recommend that you contact our live technical support team.  They will have access to your server (if you're hosting with us), and be able to take immediate action. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.

Chris M
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Are you getting an error message, does the process time out, or does it just linger there endlessly? Are there are a lot of large media files on your site?