How to see log files for MySQL in Linux Server

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Hi There,

Owing to some reason, MySQL DB failed often. I would like to see the error logs of MySQL DB. As a user, I can't able to look at the logs file for DB. How to check? Can any one help me?

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Thanks for getting in touch with us!

If you have a VPS, you can view your MySQL error logs by SSH'ing into the server as root and checking:


Be sure to replace 'hostname' with your actual server hostname. In some server configurations you may use a domain name instead of the server's hostname. 

It may also be helpful to you to log into root WHM and check the currently running MySQL processes under 'Show MySQL processes'. 

If you are not on a VPS, then you cannot get root access. You will need to contact our 24/7 Technical Support team and we will get those details for you!