I have two domains with you guys when i buy a ssl dedicated can i control witch one it works on or does it cover all domains under my account

raymse 9 months ago in Technical Support / Security updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 9 months ago 3

I want to buy a dedicated SSL for one domain but it keeps making me get one for my main account. Not sure if the one SSL will cover both sites 

ok i but i want to be sure the one i buy applies to my second domain so far i only see option to select my main domain and that covers a whole different website my online retail store is the second one. how do i make sure it covers this one 

Hello. You can contact our Live Support to change the domain for the SSL. Alternatively, you can install the free AutoSSL for the other domain as well.

Hello raymse,

Thank you for contacting us about purchasing an SSL. You typically would buy a dedicated SSL for each domain name. Another option is to purchase an SSL for your first domain, then use the Free SSL for the other domain.

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