High CPU Usage When Uploading Images

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On my photography website (shared hosting - "Power"), I get high CPU usage - usually get to 100% on every time I upload images before I can do the editing for pages / post etc on my Wordpress using Divi themes. With Envira Gallery, WP Everest form and other plugins for Divi themes. How can this be improve in performance? Upgrade (to Pro) or using W3 Total Cache (doubt it for uploading)?

Hello PJPycroft,

Thanks for submitting a question about CPU usage. I'd advise checking to make sure your images have been optimized for the web as far as lower complexity, smaller file size, etc. I'd advise trying to get the images uploaded to match their display size exactly. For example, if the website displays the image at a maximum of 1920x1080 pixels, make sure the native file uploaded matches those dimensions exactly. As far as compression goes, you may want to shoot for a file size of less than 1MB.

Christopher M.