Required field in profile

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I am planning on adding a new field to the Moodle user profile page and it will be set to be a required field for new registrants. Will this have any affect to users who are currently in the database? I learned the hard way when I first disabled PayPal on a class and lost all the participants who registered using PayPal. Did find a work-a-round.. I just don't want to lose anyone who previously enrolled because they don't have the new item in their profile. Thanks.

Thanks for posting your question about Moodle user profiles and editing the required fields. I do not believe that changing that aspect of their profile will remove any users. However, if you are concerned about that, I recommend creating a backup of your website/database prior to making this change. This will allow you to revert your website in case unexpected behavior results from that change.

I hope this helps!

Carlos D.