Changing the DNS so I can host a client's website.

  • Answered
Hello, I am new at this and need some help. I have been developing a site for a nonprofit as a subdomain and need to transfer the site so that their domain now points to the location on my InMotion server. I know I need to change the DNS servers but are there some clear simple instructions on the best steps to follow? Also, how long should this typically take?
Hello day50, Thanks for submitting a question about changing DNS settings. If the website is on a separate server, you may be able to use our free website transfer. If the site is on an InMotion Hosting server, you may want to transfer the files to the document root (on the primary domain). Then you can point nameservers for the domain wherever it's registered. If neither of these cases gets the job in the best way, you can always contact our Live Support team for more information. Best, Christopher M.