How to reduce server response time

  • Answered
I've shared hosting plan(Power Hosting). I need to know how to reduce the Wordpress response time in Google page insights. Two different websites show different response time hosted in same server.
jobcena(dot)com - 1.7 seconds
Surveysrating(dot)com - 1.3 seconds
I need assistance to take further action to improve the site speed.
Hello Tami9191, Thanks for the question about speeding up your WordPress site. In general, you should first start by using a good tool to assess your site - Google's page insights is okay, but there are some better tools out there that give you not only a great assessment, but also some suggestions that they recommend to help improve your site's performance. I would recommend using something like - though the site has become very busy in the last few years. They're still one of the best I've seen for this purpose. After you assess the issue, check out our article on using WordPress caching to speed up your site. If you're not already using caching to help speed you up, then it's highly recommended. We also have WordPress specific hosting that uses hosting optimized for PHP-based sites to help with performance. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.