Are .shtml files a problem?

  • Answered
Hi, I have just (a week or two ago) had my Wordpress blog moved over to Inmotion. Attached to my blog, but outside Wordpress, are a series of files for a series of questions in a survey, mostly .php files, but two of them were .shtml. When my website was transferred across from another host, these files all worked OK, because I tested them.

But just now, I found that the .shtml files were not working. In fact, clicking on a link that should have jumped to either of them triggered the WP 404.php error page, but appended below that page on the screen was the .shtml page but with the wrong formatting. It was bizarre.

I was able to resolve the problem by changing the files and the links to them to .html (I used .shtml on a lot of pages because many of them required this to run includes, but these pages didn't have any includes). So it is all fine, but I am curious.

Is there some problem with Wordpress or Inmotion if I use .shtml files? Does anyone have any idea what was going on?


Did your .htaccess file have just the default WordPress code or also this bulk of code or the ForceType code?