Domain with inmotion DNS entries does not always resolve

  • Answered
Sometimes my browser says there is not such domain (my domain). It is like it cannot find my domain. This is for my add-on domain ******.com (add on at *********.com). The registrar is bluehost and DNS servers point to my reseller dns servers by name (not by IP).

Is there something we can do to ensure the domain can always be found and loaded?

(This is a business and I can't afford flaky web services.)
Hello tekspirit,

Thanks for submitting a question about DNS issues. The issue you describe is certainly not the normal outcome. Any information you can provide on how we might replicate the issue would be helpful for troubleshooting. After testing the domain myself I didn't notice any problem similar to the one described.

Did the issue occur shortly after the initial registration? There is always weird behavior during the propagation period of a new domain.

Christopher M.