Confused about additional domains

  • Answered
I have a main site that will be a hub for publications from separate, but related websites. I asked if add-on domains register the site as if a separate site. I was told that they are separate, but do not secure the domain. I was also told that I could purchase separate sites through my main domain, which I did. After reading this page of information, I am confused. It sounds like I should go with add-ons. Thank you for your assistance, Cate
Hello Cate! Thanks for posting your question regarding the addition of websites to your account. In order to host a website, you will need to register the domain you would like to use for the website. Once you have paid for the registration of the domain, you can add that domain to cPanel, as an add-on domain. An add-on domain is indeed independent from your main domain/website. However, depending on your hosting plan, you may be limited by the number of add-on domains you can add to cPanel. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos D