Migrating primary and addon domain to separate accounts

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I have a domain and addon domain in the same shared account (business Power), I want to migrate both sites to separate accounts under Reseller Hosting. it is doable? I own both accounts (business Power and Reseller). Please let me know what if is possible and what steps should I take.

Hello Puchok

In order to transfer a domain from one account to another, it cannot be a primary domain name. If that is the case, you will first want to do a primary domain name change to swap it with an addon domain.

Once the domain you want to move is set as an addon, you will want to remove it from the addon list on its original account. You can do that by simply visiting the Addon Domain tool found in the Domains category of the cpanel and clicking the Remove link found on the right hand side. This removes it from the original account.

Then all you need is to add the domain as an addon in the new account. This will move the domain to the new account. Note that any DNS changes (e.g. A record, MX records, etc.) do require up to 24 hours of propagation time before they are recognized on the internet.

The next step is to move your website files. Make sure that you put the files in the same location as they were before. If necessary, you may need to adjust the configuration files for your website to account for the new location. The website files may also include a database depending on how your website is built. The database would need to be exported and then imported into the new account. Like the files, if there is a change to the database specifics (for example, the name of the database file), then you will need to make sure you configuration is adjusted to match this change.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance please let us know!


Arnel C.