Email certificate error and emails not going to Box

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Hi Team,
My email account [email protected] and [email protected] are not working, they are not receiving emails at all. When I try to create email client to get the emails on my android phone using the gmail app or any other app as it is setting up I get the message:
Certificate not valid
The Gmail app can't guarantee the security of this email address. your messages would be at risk.
If I go tot he "Advanced" link and hit continue it returns to the same message again and again.
Looking at the inbox through the cpanel shows that any test message I have sent to either of those emails is not arriving and I can't send any emails form the boxes. Can you help?

I recently go an email to tell me that:
Good news, AutoSSL has successfully renewed the Domain Validated (DV) certificate for “”. This does not require any further action by you.

The certificate is now active on the website for the following domain names: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
NOTE: “?” marks domains that the newly-installed certificate does not include or secure. Visitors who access these domain names will see web browser security warnings.

The certificate has the following properties:
Expiration: 2018-06-21 at 00:00:00 UTC
Domain Names:
countryName US
stateOrProvinceName TX
localityName Houston
organizationName cPanel, Inc.
commonName cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority
Hello. Thanks for posting your question regarding the email issues you are facing. I'm sorry to see that's happening. It appears the domain is not properly configured in regards to the DNS records at the CloudFlare name servers your domain is pointed to. Since you are pointed to CloudFlare you will need to create the necessary record. You can refer to our guide on using third party name servers to determine the records you need to create. As far as the issue with the Google App, I recommend setting up the domain properly and then seeing if it is corrected by the fact that you have your domain properly configured. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Carlos