emails getting bounced when sending to it to test

  • Answered
I have a new email that was setup successfully however, when I try to email it to test it, I get the following response.

The response was:
550 No Such User Here

you recently moved my domain from one server to another and I have had trouble with it ever since. You moved the email with it domain. I deleted the email and just created a new one and still am getting the error.
Hello MagosND, Thanks for posting your question regarding the 550 No Such User Here error you are receiving. I'm sorry to see that your email service is disrupted. At this time, I see that your domain is pointed to an IP that does not match the IP assigned for your account. I recommend updating your DNS to use the correct IP, which can be found in your cPanel Server Specifications. You may contact our Live Technical Support for assistance with this. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos D