how to copy my website to an add-on domain to create a dev site

  • Answered
We currently have a live website hosted on InMotion. We have created an add-on domain and would like to copy the existing website and the database to the add-on domain to create a development site. We would like our developer to prepare website changes on the dev site so he will not interfere with the day-to-day running of our live site. How can we do this?
Hello Tully, Thanks for submitting a question about copying a site to an addon domain. This depends on the kind of site you want to move. The first thing you should is create a backup. Copying the site files will be the easy part. You can create the addon domain via cPanel and use FTP or the cPanel File Manager to copy the site files. For the database portion, I advise checking out our guides on how to work with databases in PhpMyAdmin. Best, Christopher M.