Unable to setup email account

  • Answered
I am unable to setup email account on a NEW laptop using Outlook 2016. I check repeatedly all config settings are as per info from cpanel, yet failed. It keeps saying user or password incorrect. HELP!
Hello ivyloo, Thanks for posting your question about setting up your email account. I'm sorry to see that you are experiencing difficulty in getting that setup on your new laptop! I recommend first checking to make sure that the domain you are using for your email account(s) is pointed to the InMotion Hosting name servers. You can use our DNS tool in our Support Center to confirm that the DNS is pointed correctly to your server for mail. If you can confirm that the domain is pointed correctly, then you should proceed to use cPanel to reset the email account's password. You can change it to the exact same password and then try again. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E