What is the IP address I should put for the A Record

  • Answered
My domain is registered with another company and I must keep the nameservers there for other services I am using. I have the A Record pointed to my other hosting account, but I have setup the site on InMotion hosting cPanel and now I need to update the A Record to point here to my InMotion hosted site. Where do I find this IP address for the site? Also, i will have add on domains, but for all of my add ons I can point the nameservers here to InMotion. Will that cause any issues?
Thank you.
Hello, Thanks for your question about finding the IP address for your account. Based on your account type, you can find your IP address in the cPanel. For instructions on how to do that, check out this tutorial. If you point your addon domains to InMotion using the InMotion nameservers, there won't be any problems. Remember to allow up to 24 hours for domain propagation when changing your nameservers or any DNS settings (such as your A record). Normally, these changes will apply in a few hours, but they can take longer depending on your location. I hope this helps to answer your questions, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.