moodle site resource problems when 25+ users sign in

  • Answered
We have 4 moodle installations (3.3 and 3.4) on a Pro Plan and were running into a resource crunch when more number of users signed in. Since then we have moved to VPS.

We need to have the ability to support around 100 concurrent moodle users at this time. I had thought that the Pro Plan will be sufficient. Inmotion sales person had assured me that we could probably support even 1000 users when I had asked these questions at the time of subscribing.

Now we have had this problem TWICE where schools lost use of moodle because the site became unresponsive in the midst of a class. Had many angry users... and do not want ever to have a repeat.

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Hello Raman, Thanks for submitting a question using Moodle with your VPS plan. Any installation of Moodle or similar system will vary greatly from user to user. Considering that you have the VPS plan, you have more access to customizations that are not available to individual accounts in a Pro Plan. Moodle has provided a full list of recommendations for optimizing performance of PHP, Apache, and MySQL. Best, Christopher M.