Correct Hosting Plan for Moodle

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We have 4 moodle installations (ver 3.3 and 3.4) under a shared (pro) hosting plan. Each is for a separate group of users (separate campus) and there are 25-30 users for each. This morning moodle became very slow and then unresponsive for one of the campuses after about 25 students had logged in and as more tried to log in.

The site had run into CPU resource constraint.

I guess I need to upgrade and need help to decide what plan to upgrade to. Please HELP. This is URGENT.

Thanks. Raman

Hello ramanj,

Thank you for your question regarding the correct Moodle Hosting plan. It is difficult to say without knowing the specifics of your website performance. I recommend displaying and logging PHP errors to see if there is a specific issue causing the problem. Your cPanel logs may also provide more specific clues into what is happening around those times.

Typically, optimizing your site will address resource problems, here is a helpful link to the official Moodle Performance recommendations page.

If you have already done this, and it is still having issues I recommend upgrading to the first VPS plan. You can always upgrade further if necessary.

Thank you,