Google Analytics or Google API Key don't work on my site

  • Answered
On my Wordpress site I cannot get Google Analytics or Google API Key to work. Analytics code is visible in source code when visiting the page. Tried inserting the code in head and body through the theme interface, manually and with the help of a plugin. Nothing seems to work. I correctly registered my site as https in GA dashboard. Can't determine what could be the problem. Even tried disabling all the plugins.
Hello srcek, Thanks for your question about inserting Google tracking code on your site. If the code is visible in your page source, and there is no extra white space or possible syntax errors, then there may be some filters in your analytics that could be excluding traffic from your location. Likewise, there may be addons installed in your browser (like an adblocker, for example) that inhibit Javascript from running properly. You could try looking up your site in a private browsing, or "incognito," window, or trying a different browser. Also, it would be well advised to check your Admin settings for filters. Best, Christopher M.