May I Add a Website without Relationship with Main Domain?

  • Answered
Hi there,
I have a main domain and already installed Wordpress. Can I add another website to install Joomla as a testing website? And I don't want to change anything with main domain when I manage my Joomla website. Thanks.
Hello stacyTsai, Thank you for your question about adding a website. Yes, you can install a website in a separate folder. For example, you could create a folder called /test and access the site by going to: To accomplish this enter the folder name for the "In Directory" option, when you install Joomla using Softaculous. Another option is to create a subdomain such as: You can then select this subdomain in the "Choose Domain" section of Softaculous. You could also add a domain if you want a separate URL. Thank you, John-Paul