Where to find an installation I didn't install

bill.tierney 10 months ago in Content Management Systems / Other CMS updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 10 months ago 3

I tried to install Webinsta Maillist and was told it had already been installed. I did not previously install it and don't know where it is or how to access. I had the same issue with phplist.


I have a doc with three screenshots to illustrate the Software on CPanel_Tierney.docx
The first shows the softaculous software section.  I don't see a filing cabinet.

The second shows the only installation (WordPress)

The third shows the error message I get went I attempt to install the PHPlist.  It say that it is already installed.

The filing cabinet is right next to the cPanel logo on the top right of your screenshot. If it is not listed there, I recommend contacting our Live Support team since it does not seem like typical behavior. This will allow them to test your specific account.


Hello bill.tierney,

Thank you for contacting us about finding an installation. If you installed it using Softaculous, you can view them in cPanel. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click Softaculous in the Software section.
  3. On the top-right click the filing cabinet to view all installations. 

Otherwise, you should be able to find any sites by searching in File Manager.

Thank you,