Using a multi-domain Commodo SSL cert

  • Answered
Would a Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate ( cover all the domains registered for a registered Power Plan (this assumes that enough SANS exist).
Essentially trying to figure out the best SSL to get to cover 3 or 4 domains instead of installing one per domain.
Also, am assuming that the annual cost of the IP address applies to the account and not domain - is that correct?


Hello karlrt, Thanks for your question about using a multi-domain Commodo SSL cert. Yes, these are ideal for a situation in which multiple domains require coverage. The thing to be cautious of, though, is that the multiple domain SSLs can cover (in some cases) up to 100 different domains. If you only want to secure 3 or 4 then it might price out better to purchase single SSLs when needed. This depends solely on your budget needs. However, whichever SSL you choose, we'll be happy to help install it. Best, Christopher M.