MacOS Mail folders comparison

  • Answered
With my gMail account, the folders(tags) show up a separate list for the account. With my Inmotion accounts, folders show up as dropdown in mailboxes. Is there a configuration I can set to separate out the subfolders like in gmail?
Hello ArghBarton, Thanks for the question about the subfolder options in your email account in comparison to Gmail. The tags used in gMail are something unique to their system. Depending on the email client that you use, there may be other options to organize email. The folder system that you're referring to is part of the IMAP protocol used in email. It basically allows you to create and store emails in separate folders. The other main protocol - POP3- does not have this functionality. You can create filters that move your email into separate folders, but it does not create a "list" as you are referring to in Gmail. If you are using the Apple Mail client, it does allow you to mark emails by colored flags. You can sort them by these flags, but it doesn't have the same functionality as the tags in Gmail. You might want to check out Airmail. It's a paid app (only $10), but it provides a lot of the functionality that you're probably looking for. It allows you to create custom labels that may meet and match your needs as per Gmail. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.