How to Host Multiple WordPress Installations ?

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I have a wordpress blog currently on my hosting plan . And i want to open a woocommerce store on a different domain name. So how can I install wordpress for my woocommerce store with conflicting the current wordpress installed in the cpanel.
I haven't bought the domain yet for the store, as i am trying to build the site first . So please help.
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Multiple Wordpress installations, where-how?
(Power plan). Seeking ONLY advice. I intend to setup two different sites with Wordpress (1-simple WP site - 2-Ecommerce site). I want to do it as MANUALLY as possible. Should I install Wordpress in 2 different subdirectories of my root? Should I go with Subdomains, Addon Domains or something else?



Thank you for your question regarding hosting multiple WordPres Installations. There are several options for accomplishing this, but this is the easiest option:

  1. Create a subdomain, such as:
  2. Install WordPress on the Subdomain.
  3. Install WooCommerce and build your store.
  4. Once you are done building your site, Register and Addon the domain to your cPanel.
  5. Then, change your WordPress site name from the subdomain, to the URL you registered.

You can always password protect the site if you do not want anyone to access it.

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Hello, Thank your for your question about multiple WordPress installations. There is virtually no difference between using subdomains and subdirectories. The important factor to consider (especially for e-commerce) is SSL. If you choose to use subdirectories, you need only purchase one SSL for your top-level domain and all subdirectories are protected. This cannot be accomplished with subdomains. You would need to purchase an SSL for each domain. However, there are "wildcard" SSL certificates that protect mulitple domains, but they are much more expensive than single-domain certificates. I hope this helps inform your decision. Best, Christopher M.