How do I perform Email Transfer?

  • Answered
I would like to transfer my email from current email account to my new inmotion email. The example given by inmotion uses thunderbird , but I'm not using thunderbird , I will use roundcube or horde email client. How do I use roundcube or Horde to transfer email?


Thanks for asking your question about transferring email through RoundCube or Horde. Unfortunately, due to the way that emails are formatted this is not possible with those clients. Thunderbird is recommended for transferring emails, if you are not using a server with cPanel. If you are using a cPanel server, you can make a full cPanel backup at your old host, upload it to your InMotion Hosting server, and then submit a request for a data restoration.

Depending on how your account is setup, this may cause your cPanel account to be overwritten with the restored account (from your backup). Be sure to note whether it is OK to proceed with overwriting the account and the name/location of the backup file to restore. Our Technical Support team can also attempt to restore just the /etc/ and /mail/ directories, which may restore the emails without having to overwrite the cPanel account. Depending on the cPanel account's configuration (primary/add-on domains, email accounts, etc) this process will allow RoundCube and Horde access to the email accounts, emails, etc. I hope this helps!


Carlos E.