Trouble Launching a New Site

  • Answered
HI I am new to website building/hosting. just trying to launch first website. how long does it takes to a website to go live to original domain name, its currently on temporary domain since 4 days.
also I used yoast seo plugin tool to make some changes and now none of my pages (other than home/front page) loads. it just gives me a 404 not found error. how do I fix it.
Hello, Thanks for your question about trouble launching a new site. Frontpage extensions are no longer supported. If that is the method of publication you're using then you will need to export the site to conventional HTML and use any of the recommended file management methods to transfer the files to the server. The Yoast SEO plugin is only available for WordPress and Drupal (via a module). If you are unsure whether you are using FrontPage or WordPress or Drupal, I advise checking out our website getting started guide. Best, Christopher M.