Quickbooks Sent E-mail But Not Stored On Server

  • Answered
I was previously using a gmail account to send invoices from quickbooks. When I would send an invoice from Quickbooks, that e-mail would show up in my gmail sent folder. When I send one with my custom e-mail, the sent e-mail isn't showing up in my sent folder on the server. Is there a certain setting I need to apply? Thank you!
Hello Inkling405, Sorry for the problem with seeing the emailed invoices in your Sent email. It is possible that you need to subscribe to the Sent email section in your email client. This varies depending on the email client that you're using. If you are seeing the Sent email for anything else that you send, but you're not seeing the Quickbooks email, then you need to double-check the settings being used by Quickbooks. It should be using the SMTP option using your email account settings. If this is set, and you're not seeing the Sent mail, then you may need to contact Quickbooks for further assistance. You can verify the functionality of your email account by simply sending a test email and then checking the Sent Mail section to see if it was recorded. If you are having problems seeing the Sent mail after testing it, contact our live technical support team and they can look into the issue in more depth. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.