snap shot features for VPS

  • Answered
When node.js and npm are being installed in the VPS server, and they are went wrong. Could it be reverted back in such situation?
Hello, vichetmut. Thanks for posting your question regarding the Snap Shot feature for VPS hosting plans. I'm happy to assist you. When you restore a snapshot to your VPS, the entire system will revert back to the time when the snapshot was created - including files, databases etc. You will lose any data that was added or changed between when the snapshot was created and the current state. If you want to go back but retain the data between the snapshot and the current state, it is a good idea to export any databases and download any files you need. Therefore due to the nature of how Snap Shots work, they should successfully revert the installation of softwares like node.js and npm. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E