Cron job isn't initializing

  • Answered
I have tried, on many attempts, to get a Cron job to run and nothing is working.
file is in /home/user/
file.php has permission 0644
When I put php -q /home/user/ and schedule it for any specific time, currently a few minutes from the time test, nothing happens.

I have reviewed the Q&A and others' issues for resolution and there is nothing that is working. Please do not just point me to the Q&A or "How to" as I have read those many times.

Thanks for contacting us about your Cron job, If you have root access to your server you can check in /var/log/cron to see any errors that would be coming from Cron, I would also recommend looking in /home/user/ to see if the PHP script is reporting any errors. A good way to test your Cron job would be to SSH into your server and run the command you gave for the Cron job to ensure it executes properly.

Best Regards,
Kyle M