Email Reaching Quota... how to Download Archive

  • Answered
I recently received notice that one of my email accounts had reached quota. I went online and found the IMAP archiver so set it up. Also found disk space mgmt tool for email... supports deleting emails older than X.
Was looking for way to archive into mbox and download the mbox to local storage. When the archiver runs, does that create mbox files that use my disk quota not my email quota such that I can then download mbox files of disk space?
Hello cattoa00,

Thanks for contacting us about your email account quotas. When using the archiver the email is still stored in your inbox and still counts towards your email quota. You can go into your mail folder in your home directory and download the archive folder to your local computer and re-upload it to your mail folder when needed. You can also create a local folder in your mail client if your client supports it and move the email there. which will remove it from the server to prevent it from counting towards your quota.

Best Regards,

Kyle M