Product Images in WooCommerce Differ in Size Based on Language Selected

  • Answered
I have a multilingual site. My primary language is Spanish and categories, products, and thumbnails images are displayed very big, while it doesn't happen when I turn the language to English.


Sorry for the issues with WooCommerce displaying your product images in different sizes based on the language selected. When I checked the images for your products using the Chrome browser inspect feature, I saw the image size differences for each language selected. I was visiting the following page:

The English version shows this information for the first product (using Chrome Inspect option):

If I change to the Spanish version I see the following in Inspect:

I copied the element code for each product in each language in order to verify that it's the same image. The image is larger with Spanish selected, but the code is the same (for each image). The size difference is typically due to the software auto-adjusting the image size based on the number of products within a row. I would double-check the setting for the row for your products and see if it differs from language to language. If you require further assistance with this issue I would recommend speaking with WooCommerce Technical support. They're typically very helpful and would be able to tell exactly what needs to be changed to solve the issue.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.


Arnel C.