Issues pointing a CNAME to BigCommerce

  • Answered

I've set up a subdomain through CPANEL pointing to my BigCommerce store ->

It hasn't propagated in more than 15 hours (I know CPANEL takes max 8 hours). I've also tried setting up an A RECORD instead pointing to my store's IP address, also to no avail. I switched it back to CPANEL as per BigCommerce support's instructions. They told me they couldn't locate the DNS and that I should get in touch with you to see what the problem is?

Thank you :)
Hello, Thank you for submitting a question about pointing a Cname to BigCommerce. The maximum propagation time for all domain name systems is twenty-four hours. It's possible of course to propagate faster, but one should wait at least twenty-four hours. Did BigCommerce give you an IP address? If so, it might be beneficial to use an A record instead. However, having not read the instructions they provide, I cannot say for sure what their preferred method is. Did you have any trouble with the use of the cPanel DNS tools? Best, Christopher M.