Piwik autoupdate not working

  • Answered
Hi there,
on my site, Piwik has been installed using softaculous. Worked great.
Now when I use the auto-update-function in the Piwik UI, I only get an error page (xxx for privacy)
that says
"Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away"
That's not an error I have seen before in my other Piwik installations.
Is there a hint what I can do? To me it sounds as if the system doesn't get hold of the db server quickly enought.
Thank you!


Thank you for submitting a question regarding Piwik autoupdate not working. The MySQL error that you're seeing commonly occurs when the database connection quits in the middle of a process. I am not sure what kind of queries Piwik makes for these updates. It's possible, however, that the amount of resources involved is hitting the limit provided by your hosting package. I advise contacting our Live Support team so they can replicate the issue. It may be that you need to consider upgrading to the VPS account, or updating Piwik manually.


Christopher M.