A question about cron job

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Hi, I am going to create a corn job in my shared hosting account. This corn job will be used for sending order information to other websites. I want the cron job to run every 15 or 30 minutes. But I want to know is it will cause my account suspended or not?
Tim S.
Good morning,

Thanks for posting your question about cron jobs. Crons or cron jobs are simply task schedulers. That in and of itself would not cause an issue. The script the cron job is executing could though. It's hard to say, without fully looking at the script and what it's doing. If the script is using up the server's resources it could cause issues. I would say, 10-40 orders every 5 minutes shouldn't be an issue, but that's no guarantee.

I'd say set the cron job and let it run. If you want to do that then, reach out to support to see if the script is too much, that may be your best scenario.

I hope this helps.


Tim S