Not receiving SPECIFIC e-mails in main hosting account

  • Answered
The "mothership" for my reseller hosting account is and I've set up a single e-mail account on that domain. I receive e-mails from different accounts, but if sends an e-mail it is never received. I check both Webmail and my regular Mail program on my Mac, but any e-mail from them never arrives while all other do. I am using NO spam filtering at all.

Is there a way to see what is blocking the arrival of these e-mails from Coinbase?
Hello MLDavis, Thank you for submitting a question about the non-appearance of a specific email not arriving in your reseller account. Unfortunately, in the reseller account you will not have privileged access to the server's email logs. For this, I advise contacting our Live Support team so they can review the issue closer and provide you with information from the email logs. Best, Christopher M.