Trying to Identify the Source of This Report

  • Answered
In my enthusiasm when using some of the cPanel metrics the other day - I created a report which was really handy. But now I can't figure out where/how I generated it...... I am not sure if I can upload TXT file sample at this stage, so I'll just copy/paste the first few lines of same:- Access log information Check Software Versions Resource Information Information Parsed from: /var/log/apache2/domlogs/....5/ for the last 24 hours Hourly hits and response codes Hour Hits 00 15 01 49 02 5 Hour Hits Further into report I can see - /Response Code Hits/ Duplicate requests / Requests for non-static content..etc / last part is ..Top IPs/ I've been back thru metrics a few times now - can't find the right function/location. Thought someone out here might recognise the report structure. I've been away from cPanel for a while - still a lot of cobwebs to clean out. :-)
Hello Kulana, Thanks for submitting a question about the source of this Apache domlogs report. I also had trouble reverse engineering the output you provided. As far as I and some of my teammates could tell it does not appear to have the structure of a report generated from cPanel. It's possible it was a custom script. If you have any more information about the situation in which you encountered it then feel free to share, but we don't know how you can reproduce it from what you have provided. Best, Christopher M.