SSL Purchase and Renewal

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I'm not pleased with your SSL setup. I'm forced to go through InMotion to add a 3rd party cert and will get charged for it. It's not that hard and I would love the ability to do this myself to not incur another cost. If I do buy an SSL certificate from InMotion, I don't know what I'm getting. There is no information on the type of certificate you're selling for $100. This could potentially be a good deal or a complete rip-off depending on what validation type.


Thanks for submitting a question SSL purchase and renewal. We have a full SSL guide that provides detailed information about the type of Comodo SSL we sell.

You certainly can install the certificate yourself in a VPS account. Shared hosting, however, does not provide root-level access required for the installation. But we now offer a Free SSL tool in the account management panel.


Christopher M.