New Reseller Frustrations

  • Answered
I cannot receive email notifications regarding email quota for my cPanel customers. My only option is to have a cron job set for every Cpanel I have, I am not a coder, and I was directed to sites where I need to contract coders to set job for me. I am hesitant to offer unlimited email quota because it will affect other customers.
Hello egypt, I regret to hear about your new reseller frustrations. It is possible to monitor email quota usage in WHM. Even though you are hesitant to provided unlimited email quotas, it would solve the problem of your customers' mailboxes filling up. Remember that you can suspend accounts that abuse email services. Communicating with your customers about best email practices adds value on both sides. We have a full reseller product guide with all the information you may need to get started. I advised reading this guide and referencing it as a resource for the future. Best, Christopher M.