Permanently Redirect a Domain without Subdomain

  • Answered
I bought 2 domain names. One is spelled incorrectly and I'd like to just point it to the domain that is spelled correctly. I was able to do that by adding on the misspelled domain name to my hosting then permanently redirecting, but it created a sub domain and I don't really want a sub domain for the misspelled domain name.
Is there a way to permanently redirect my misspelled domain name to my correctly spelled domain name without having a sub domain created?


Thank you for your question regarding redirecting a domain, without creating a subdomain. Due to the way cPanel functions, it must create a subdomain when you Addon, or Park a domain. See more in this post from the official cpanel forums. I recommend redirecting the subdomain to the correctly spelled URL address. This will allow the correct site to receive any incoming traffic.

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