Including cpanel.domain.tld in AutoSSL

  • Answered
I'd like to secure my VPS's cpanel access when using the A record for cpanel.domain.tld Do I need (can i??) to add cpanel as a subdomain? is there some way to trigger this, since it seems to only be able to read domains automatically with no way to manually add this.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding including a cPanel subdomain in AutoSSL. No, you do not have to add the cPanel.domain as a subdomain, as long as you successfully setup the Free SSL and have created a cPanel for the main TLD (domain.tld), or adding it as an Addon domain. Ensure you have "Proxy subdomain creation" set to "on" on in WHM. You can check when logged into WHM as root, then click Tweak Settings. Open the Domains tab, and you will see the "Proxy subdomain creation" option. Thank you, John-Paul