After Nameserver Changes Site is Not Visible

  • Answered
I updated my nameserver to point my website to inMotion servers and my BoldGrid theme seems to no longer be working. I'm not sure if this is a server issue or not? When I try to reach my website it reverts to the original WP theme and doesn't have any of my current pages and website design. Where do I need to start troubleshooting?
Hello codereb85, Thank you for submitting a question about nameserver changes. Pointing DNS to a different host is a big move, but it only means that the domain points to a different location, where one hopes the correct web site files reside. Were you developing the site with a Temporary URL or a hosts file modification. The latter is safer, because it uses the same domain name. This is critically important for WordPress-based sites. And this information can help you figure out where the trouble started. Best, Christopher M.