Server site speed is slow according to Google

  • Answered

I did a Google PageSpeed Insight and it tells me that the server response time is the second reason why my site is slow (2.6 seconds). It says it should normally be in milliseconds. What can be done to improve this?

I did all I could on the Wordpress side (caching, lazy load, image optimization, etc.).

Hello David, Thank you for submitting a question about site speed. In a shared hosting account, it may be difficult for you to get complete control of resources because many users are using the same resources. Likewise, even if WordPress caching is optimal there may still be theme issues including Javascript running in the background for analytics or page elements, or open SQL queries. Alternatively, it's possible your website is receiving more traffic. If the latter, your best bet would be to upgrade to VPS hosting. If the former, theme inspection would be a good option. Best, Christopher M.