I want to Re-dock my nppftp Window in Notepad++

  • Answered
I'm running notepad v7.4.2, NppFTP 0.26.3 Unicode. Normally when I would open notepadd, nppftp window would appear docked at the right side of notepad, vertically. Then I hit some key sequence and suddenly, nppftp window was no longer docked to notepad++. I was finally able to pull it around and it docked to notepad, but it is at the top and horizontal, above my edit window. I would like to return it to being vertical, either left or right side, I don't care as long as it's vertical. How do I do that? Is there a config file somewhere?
Hello th3louvre, Thank you for your question regarding re-docking your nppftp window in Notepad++. I found a post online where they are discussing this topic: Console Undocked According to that post, you should be able to left click the top and drag it where you want it, then resize it as needed. Thank you, John-Paul