Wordpress Multi-Site Stopped Working

  • Answered
Wordpress multi-site has recently stopped working. I'm still able to create new sites, but they do not configure properly. I can't access the new site's admin dashboard or view the front end.

Primary domain and the initial sub-domain created on network after install still work properly.
Main domain: privatelabelpay.com

I saw new WP rules included in htaccess that I did not add when initially setting up the network. I reverted those back to the initial WP rules. Also checked wp-config and not seeing anything there causing the problem.

Please let me know steps needed to help debug the problem. I want to avoid doing a complete re-install.
Hello PK-1, Thank you for your question regarding a WordPress multisite that is not working. I recommend following our WordPress Troubleshooting guide to narrow down the specific cause further. Thank you, John-Paul