Wipe and start over

  • Answered
I have been using Inmotion Hosting quite sporadically (like logging in every 3 to 6 months). I believe I now understand how Aliases, Add On Domains, and other things work. Plus, this time, I have been keeping my own notes. I would like to remove everything website related: Subdomain, Aliases, Add-On Domains, etc. I have been trying to but I get error messages. There's probably an order to these things. Is there a way for the Support Team to wipe everything website related so I can start over with a clean slate? I want to keep email set-up as is. Thank you
Hello, AWAPublishingMaster! Thank you for asking your question regarding a flush of your websites. I'm sorry to see that you're seeing errors when attempting this yourself. Unfortunately, if you want to preserve your emails then there isn't a quick way to do this. Support could terminate and then recreate your cPanel account, but all data would be lost, including email. It's important to note that if you are removing domains from the cPanel configuration, you will risk losing emails for that domain as well. The error messages should indicate any conflicts (for instance, if you attempt to remove a sub-domain, that was created by the addition of an add-on domain). You should remove your parked and add-on domains before proceeding to remove any sub-domains, in this case, to avoid an error. Also, your site files, typically located in the public_html directory, would need to be removed, to remove the website data. Removing the domains from cPanel does not always remove the data for the websites. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E