Issue with Vacation theme blog post titles

  • Answered
My blog post titles are showing up as small-type subheads and leave undesired white space before the actual blog post begins. Because they're so small, I'm having to repeat the title as an H1 on what would otherwise be body copy. Can the design be altered? If so, how? Here's a sample page: Thanks!
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding issues adjusting the site title. You can modify the font size, type, and color with the Site Title and Logo Customizer.
  1. In the BoldGrid Dashboard, click Customize.
  2. Navigate to the Post you want to modify and click the Site Title & Logo link.
  3. Click the Custom Font switch to view the avilable font settings. There is a slider for adjusting the Font Size of the Post title.
It should take up more of the white space as it gets larger. If you are comfortable modifying the theme coding, the official BoldGrid Documentation includes detailed information about various aspects of the BoldGrid system. This information will primarily be useful for a developer or designer, as it assumes familiarity with HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. Thank you, John-Paul