Poor performance from shared server

  • Answered
I've had the performance of my website (very small myBB forum) deteriorate rapidly over the last week or so. It was running great but recently have been experiencing really high server loads (myBB reports up to 500!) which come with really long response time and frequent down time. I've contacted inmotion tech support, and they looked at my site and it was fine. They basically said, too bad so sad, you're on a shared server and what I am experiencing is normal. They said all I could do was purchase a VPS plan. I have the same website (in a test version) on another host on a shared server, and it performs great. Here's a comparison:

Inmotion: 99.64% uptime last 7 days, 2211.93ms av. response time last 24 hrs.
Other host: 100% uptime last 7 days, 342.96ms av. response time last 24 hrs.

Why am I unable to get similar performance from inmotion? I'd just switch it over to a different host, but I bought a 36 month plan. I read all sorts of good reviews for inmotion before I purchased but my experience has been the opposite.

What can I do?

Hello, I'm sorry to see you've had such poor performance. I understand that can be frustrating. I would recommend you review your AWSTATS. This particular cPanel plugin will provide insight into where the most traffic (that may be consuming a lot of resources) is generated from. For instance, if you see a bot that is crawling your site excessively, you can block them via your robots.txt file. Additionally, if you see an unfamiliar IP address excessively visiting your site, you can deny them access, to prevent excessive consumption of the shared server resources. You can also review the results here: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/steelcitydualsport.com/8AbsfLnu. That third party performance report provides additional recommendations for optimizing your site. It's also important to note that differences in server environments can cause your site to load differently. If you are able to obtain the minimum resources necessary for the software that runs your site, you should be able to identify if the server itself is insufficiently configured or if your site just requires some additional tweaks for optimal performance. In which case, the GTMetrix link should assist you thoroughly. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E