Why is the Android Gmail app sending mail to trash?

  • Answered
My gmail sends all emails from my bank to the Trash folder. I don't have any filters or blocked addresses etc.
I don't see them in my Trash fold but when I search "Chase" in the Trash folder they all show up then. I tried moving a couple to the Inbox but on the gmail app on my Android phone they stay in the Trash folder but now have the Inbox tag BUT if I go to the gmail site the ones I moved are in the Inbox but only the ones I moved, not the ones that automatically got sent unread to the Trash.

How can I fix this?
Hello MrBret, Sorry for the problem with your mail going to the trash using the Android Gmail app. Unfortunately, we do not develop the Gmail mail app, and your recommended route would be to consult with the support team from Gmail in regards to the issue. I did look to see if anyone had similar problems and found this post in the Gmail product forums. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.