Can addon domain use different WP theme than primary domain?

  • Answered
I would like to move a domain/site that has been hosted elsewhere to my exiting inmotion account. The addon site has nothing to do with my existing inmotion hosted WordPress site.

Can this addon utilize a different WP theme from the primary. Also, any reason why I couldn't just post straight Html pages for the addon domain?


Hello Ed,

Thank you for submitting a question about using WordPress on addon domains. Yes, you can have an entirely separate WordPress installation in an addon domain. This would mean that you can use different themes for each one.

For your second question, no, there is no reason why you could not use straight HTML pages on an addon domain. It's your choice as far as what kind of pages you want to host on your addon. WordPress, like regular HTML pages, is just a collection of files. However, WordPress files use PHP to dynamically generate pages.

Christopher M.