Wordpress puts site on maintenance mode

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Every time I update anything such as theme or plugin or even Wordpress, Wordpress puts site on maintenance mode. It says something like under scheduled maintenance, site will be back within 2-3 minutes. I am using a lot of plugins and I almost get a new update every 2 days after. I don't want my site to be on maintenance mode other than when I put it on maintenance mode. I did bit of a search on this and found I need to delete .maintenance file. I logged in to Cpanel to delete that file but didn't find anything like that. I then made hidden files as visible but still found nothing. How do I resolve that maintenance issue?
Tim S.
Good morning,

Thanks for your question about WordPress and maintenance mode. While updating WordPress core and the plugins, you are correct, the site will go into maintenance mode. This is the intended operation of WordPress and in fact, necessary. It's imperative no changes are made to your website during the update process. These changes, if occurring while the update is "in process" could break your website. This is why WordPress forces the maintenance mode. However, the maintenance mode should go away as soon as the updates are complete. If the maintenance message is still being displayed on the website, that's when you would delete the hidden file to take your website out of maintenance mode. My suggestion is to perform updates on specific days and times that will least impact your visitors. Keep in mind, the updates should not take more than a few minutes of time. If they are, then there may be a larger issue to be addressed.

I hope this helps!


Tim S